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Security Articles

Persistence is important to case resolution.

March 15,2015

Ms. Smith is not her real name. Her real name is in the newspaper article that described how an elderly woman, never married, that spent her time doing volunteer work, had been killed. The article told how the criminals robbed her house, sexually assaulted her, and set her house on fire.

Learn to avoid confirmation bias.

March 05,2015

We were asked to look at the death of a three month old infant child. The father had been charged with capital murder and the police were in no mood to show even the most minor of doubt as to the guilt of the suspect.

Timely information is important.

February 17,2015

An Investment Firm Management adviser called and said that he had a real problem. There was an excellent opportunity to make money in an investment with a potential individual in a unique business opportunity. However, they had to act quickly as there was another firm involved that could secure the individual / opportunity if our client could not act within the next 48 hours.