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Timely information is important.

An Investment Firm Management adviser called and said that he had a real problem. There was an excellent opportunity to make money in an investment with a potential individual in a unique business opportunity. However, they had to act quickly as there was another firm involved that could secure the individual / opportunity if our client could not act within the next 48 hours.

Our entire team was organized around a single mission to conduct a due diligence investigation for our client with what information we had.. Our research analyst quickly identified an issue, but from an obscure and unrelated source. Apparently, the same suspect individual had been involved in a business transaction where his other partner had been shot.

We contacted this person who had been shot years earlier in a completely unrelated crime. We explained what we were doing and were able to immediately develop rapport. Ultimately, this source for information was able to reveal significant information that the individual in the investment opportunity was a person who could not be trusted The individual in question had violated a contractual obligation in a business opportunity and had cheated people out of money. The individual in question had also taken the rights to a patent and cheated an individual in the transaction. The individual had several lawsuits that made him unsuitable to our Client. . Not only was his information critical for our client, but fascinating as well.

Within 24 hours hour we delivered information to our Client that prevented him from the potential of losing millions of dollars.. We were able to do this by having enough professional staff on hand with core competencies that could be brought to bear in an immediate need situation.