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From polygraph to forensic interviewing, we provide the most accurate and reliable methods available for knowing the truth and identifying deception.


There is no “Lie Detector” that exists anywhere in the world. Every credibility assessment technique is an effort to determine the probability that truth or deception exists for some target issue. Human beings without assistance actually do little better than chance in identifying a lie. So if we want to be better than flipping a coin, we need to employ forensic methods that are supported by scientific method.


There is nothing more strongly and emotionally debated in the field of credibility assessment than the use of polygraph. However, multiple peer reviewed research projects place the accuracy of a single issue polygraph examination in the lower 90th percentile. In science, this level of accuracy is actually quite high. Other less accurate forensic evidence has been admitted in court for decades. Most people would be shocked that they make important decisions from medical tests with far less accuracy than polygraph. There is simply no other, nor more valid, means for the identification of truth or deception than polygraph. Contrary to widespread public opinion, polygraph even has the potential to be submitted in States where Daubert Standards apply for the admission of evidence.

We offer a comprehensive range of polygraph services for a variety of situations, including criminal polygraph examinations for law enforcement investigations, prosecution or defense attorneys seeking to identify facts, and potential innocence project investigations. We also conduct polygraph for employers under the Employee Polygraph Protection Act when circumstances permit. We provide polygraphs that are post-conviction for offenders on court supervision.

We adhere to professional standards from the American Polygraph Association. We use computerized polygraph, independent quality control and adhere to standardized testing practices. Contact us for a free consultation on polygraph.

Forensic Interviewing

Our Validated Interview Technique is a ground breaking software is a Patent Pending process that correlates behavior cues which have the highest validity and reliability, with the collection of sweat gland activity using the Electro-Dermal Activity (EDA)/Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) to assist the interviewer in conducting dynamic interviews. The EDA measures sweat gland activity and has been utilized for more than 100 years in detecting changes in physiology. The assessment of behavioral cues, correlated with real time physiological data, significantly improves interviewer decision making. Interviewers are better able to direct questions and focus topics on concealed information and time line distortions.

Our technique emphasizes a narrative style interview, seeking sensory detail and memory information that makes deception a more complicated mental process. This method has been shown to measurably increase information flow during the interview with fewer actual questions being asked.

Interview Training

We offer advanced training courses that teach our Validated Interview Technique. Our course is so named because we teach which behavior cues are actually important in correctly assessing truth or deception. Our core training principles were helps to correct many common misconceptions from outdated training programs. We focus on interview planning, subject assessment, and the evaluation of only those cues validated by scientific research. Our narrative interview technique that seeks sensory & memory details will increase mental effort for the guilty and lower stress for the truthful. We have also developed a simple field personality assessment to help every interviewer improve communication skills. Our classes can be tailored for business professionals, government and private investigators or first responders with short term contact with potential suspect.

For approved law enforcement and government agencies, we can instruct in our L.E.E.N. method for conversation management with defiant or resistant subjects who avoid truth telling. Our methods will also help counter claims of “false” confessions and show how to avoid confirmation bias. Our techniques work in the field and are defensible in court.