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An unparalleled foundation in experience and best practices for collecting and assessing evidence, interviewing people and report documentation.


Conducting any investigation, criminal or civil, seems so very basic and easy. We see it successfully done in the movies and on television every day. Like most things, social media and the truth do not always intersect so neatly. Successful investigations are dependent on an adherence to sound practices, the ability to collect evidence, human and forensic, as well as properly documenting what was performed.

Our investigators are all former or retired law enforcement criminal investigators with substantial experience in conducting, directly supervising and managing complex criminal and administrative investigations. We have an unparalleled foundation in best practices for investigations, in collecting and assessing evidence and methods of successful interviewing to obtain maximum information from suspects or witnesses. Our investigative reporting is always Clear, Concise, Correct and Complete or it does not leave our office.

We can assist attorneys in criminal defense investigations or civil litigation issues, as well as private individuals, who are seeking to resolve difficulties for which traditional law enforcement cannot effectively help, including integrity violations and the location of hidden assets or missing persons. We can conduct criminal investigations for employers in workplace environments regarding criminal and policy violations, such as fraud, theft, embezzlement, assault, or drug use.