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Due Diligence

Quite simply the precaution that thoughtful businesses and people take to protect themselves, their property and those around them from potential harm.


Due Diligence is simply that care that any reasonable person exercise to protect themselves, their property or those around them, from harm. This is far from easy in our mobile and high tech society, where people and businesses interact on a truly global basis. Teaming on an international business venture, or starting a relationship with a stranger hundreds of miles away, is the new risk that we all now face.

Being well informed is the single most important factor for anyone wanting to lower their risk and potential for harm. Numerous behavior studies have shown that half of all job applicants lie on their resumes. One day spent on the Internet will convince you of the difficulty in assessing a business or corporation, knowing the integrity of a person answering an email, or the intentions of someone on a social media webpage.

Our team is experienced and capable in providing definitive answers to the questions you have in deciding how to interact with others. All of our investigators are highly competent, discrete and experienced in conducting complex investigations on people and businesses, working in difficult environments and developing quality sources for information. We provide you a lifetime of our professional expertise for your use in assessing business or personal credentials. From a simple records check to a comprehensive full scope review, we can provide confidence for risk mitigation.